Spring Woes for beekeepers - 29th Aug 2013

Spring Woes for beekeepers Well, We've all been lulled into an easy Spring. The weather has been fairly kind to us. Gardens are blooming, the temperatures have been good, Overnight temperatures also good. However, and it's often the case, we find a late chilly spell.
It's not good for farmers and certainly not good for us beekeepers.
At this time we expect our hives to start increasing in numbers. The Queens are laying and suddenly a colony has eggs, larvae and pupae to keep warm and fed.
Once a colony has brood it is essential the temperature in a hive is maintained at around 33 degrees up from the overwintering temperature of around 25 celcius. This uses up much more stored food. On top of this, feeding young consumes much energy and food reserves. It can be a fatal increase. Should bad weather occur or if insufficient honey has been stored a colony can starve.
At least the forcast is once again looking up. Lets all hope so for the bees.

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