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How We Began....

Several years ago I was looking for something I could do in semi retirement which involved our Family and happened to be in the far North at a friends place and observed his son tending to his bees.
I came home did some research bought 6 hives locally and the rest is history.

Our son Hamish is farming in Clutha and it was a natural thing for us to embark on.
Hamish came up with the Name of Farmgate Honey as we were looking to be that niche local supplier of producing quality product and selling at the Farm Gate.

Murray and Heidi Rixon have been our mentors since day one providing us with Queens, Nukes and Honey Extraction services and recently decided to down size their operation and the RentAhive business seemed to be a good fit for our operation.

We will still have close ties to Murray and Heidi with them providing Extraction Facilities for our operation.

As a result we are now proud to be able to offer a completely flexible beehive rental and management service, designed to house our industrious honeybees into domestic gardens.  

Hive rental allows you to try before you buy, if you suspect you have beekeeper potential.  Rentahive will retain responsibility for the hive, it's health and management throughout the year. You will reap the rewards from our tiny golden friends, choosing your level of involvement, secure in the knowledge that your first bountiful crop of glorious honey is underway...


Mark McGregor - Beekeeper with a passion for bees

Originally a Farmer/Contractor from North Auckland milking cows was not ny passion so I digressed into Transport and warehousing where I have been for the last 30 years working for large Corporate Organisations and small to medium sized businesses.
With a son continuing the tradition of farming beeKeeping was a method of Farming we could involve ourselves in all be it farming in a small box.

This is my passion and my life .......

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