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What Rentahive can do for you...

Rentahive aims to take the difficulty out of beehive ownership.  As part of our service we provide top quality boxes and equipment in a range of complimentary colours to suit any garden.  A beehive needn’t be that rustic wonky structure of bygone years, it can be a thing of beauty, a treasure in your garden. For this reason all of our hives are high quality wax dipped timber. We supply them in a variety of colours and designs that will not only offer the bees an eye-catching home but also add a fabulous feature to your property.  

We also carry beesuits, gloves and veils in a range of sizes, allowing the whole family to get up close and personal with their new addition.

One hive Annual Rental $450 plus GST

Inclusive you recieve 12kg of your own garden honey extracted and pottled

Or Two hives Annual Rental $800 plus GST

inclusive you receive 25kg of your own garden honey extracted and pottled

Monthly or Quarterly Terms available on request

What we provide -
  • Rentahive has the experience and equipment to deliver and install a complete hive with a healthy colony of bees on your property.
  • Your hive will be registered for you and Rentahive pays the government fees.
  • Regular hive inspections for bee health and hive requirements. This includes treatment for Varroa and checking for American Foulbrood.
  • Supplementary feed for hives during inclement weather to ensure hive strength.
  • Rentahive will re-queen hives if it is deemed necessary during the rental period.
  • You will be supplied with as many honey boxes as are required. Rentahive will remove them late summer for extraction, providing you with the first 12kg of honey and the option to purchase more at a preferential rate.
  • Your hive will be assessed after honey harvest for wintering down. This includes foodstore checks, Varroa treatment and vermin protection. This ensures the strength of your hive during the colder months.

Optional extras -  We have a range of exciting options. Please ask about...
  • One on one tuition can be provided by arrangement, including practical demonstrations and hands-on involvement for all aspects of beekeeping.
  • Presentation packaging of your honey, making it the ideal gift for loved ones - or neighbours whose flowers have been plundered!
  • Creamed (set) honey - we can take your raw, golden honey and process it into long lasting creamed honey, ensuring that your honey is good for years to come!
  • Cut comb honey is available by prior request, as it requires a fine foundation for the bees to build on.
  • Hive sales are available by arrangement, we can supply all the materials and support you need.
  • Design your own label for gifting honey to friends and family.

Pollination Services available on request

We also have an emergency swarm collection and removal service, please contact us for details.

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