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How We Began....

Initially, we were normal people going about our day to day lives, but with an emphasis on semi-self-sufficiency and knowing where our food comes from.  After planting the veggie garden, some fruit trees and keeping a few chooks we wondered what we would do next...

We started small, capturing a wild swarm and keeping it as a 'pet' hive in our garden. From this humble beginning our infatuation grew, as did that of our friends, relatives and visitors.  The seemingly endless stream of beautiful golden bees coming and going brought the garden to life and also did wonders for our home grown fruit and veggies!

Our first crop of honey was extracted that autumn, and we were so delighted with the result that expansion was inevitable!  After some thought, we decided that it would be great to offer the opportunity of low-maintenance beekeeping to others in an urban setting.

As a result we are now proud to be able to offer a completely flexible beehive rental and management service, designed to house our industrious honeybees into domestic gardens.  

Hive rental allows you to try before you buy, if you suspect you have beekeeper potential.  Rentahive will retain responsibility for the hive, it's health and management throughout the year. You will reap the rewards from our tiny golden friends, choosing your level of involvement, secure in the knowledge that your first bountiful crop of glorious honey is underway...

Murray Rixon - Beekeeper with a passion for bees

Murray Rixon - Beekeeper with a passion for bees

A native of Mosgiel, Murray trained at the Dunedin Botanic Gardens before moving to the UK in 1991. After a few years at the Edinburgh Royal Botanic Gardens he settled in South West Scotland. His practical nature and can-do attitude saw him taking on a range of design and construction challenges. One wife and two children later, he decided that the weather sucked, as did the midges, and it was time to return home!

On returning to New Zealand, he decided to pursue his dream of beekeeping, capturing his first swarm soon after. He then went on to become an AsureQuality (previously MAF) Approved Beekeeper with a NZ DECA (Disease Elimination Conformity Agreement). Now with a collection of beehives this hobby has grown into a business and he is now looking forward to sharing his enthusiasm and knowledge with others.

Heidi Rixon - Beekeeper, Photographer

Heidi Rixon - Beekeeper, Photographer

Heidi is a native of the UK, captured by a strapping great kiwi bloke and brought here for a better life. A drama graduate (set design and stage management) Heidi has worked in youth theatre as well as indulging her passion for the great outdoors with work on a rarebreeds farm, herb nursery and a commercial plant nursery.

For many years Heidi specialised in rare parrot breeding at one of the worlds foremost establishments. It was here Heidi was responsible for breeding the extrodinary Hyacinth Macaw, the worlds largest and one of the most expensive parrots. Now living in Otago she loves growing the family's food and being a slave to two children. Our baby bee keepers.

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